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Параплан Icepeak-8

Топовый двухрядный параплан для соревнований. Гонка уже началась!

Описание товара

Passion for competing means pushing oneself and gear to the limits. The new Icepeak 8 has evolved to perform more and demand less. It is a faster, more dynamic and more competitive glider. In one word: it is an overall better product.

Over a decade, Niviuk has been responding to an ever increasing number of requests. Impossible is what we want to conquer and overall cover the needs of the top competition pilots. This season the competition rules have changed, hence the expectations are higher than ever before.

Changing the competition rules

The Icepeak 8 is the answer: a top competition glider designed and made for the most demanding pilots. The result is a wing comprised of more than two thousand parts to create a unique composition.

Part of its secret is having used materials never seen before in the paragliding scene. This technical revolution underlines building the internal structure of the glider with Nitinol, a material resistant to deformations, hot temperatures and breaks.

The Niviuk personal touch

The Icepeak 8 offers maximum performance under the Niviuk safety and comfort touch. Our goal was to providing an extraordinary piloting sensation while competing around the world.

The Icepeak 8 will let you prove yourself in the near future. It is glider made to win and in accordance with the new CIVL Competition Class certification requirements. The challenge is now taking place in the skies!

Технические характеристики

Количество секций999999
Площадь, м²22.52425.5
Размах, м13.0813.5113.92
Площадь проекции, м²19.3120.621.89
Размах проекции, м10.7411.111.44
Удлинение проекции5.985.985.98
Вес пилота60-8075-9085-105
Минимальный полетный вес, кг8095105
Максимальный полетный вес, кг100115125
Сертификация ENCCC

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